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Single server architecture may be appropriate for evaluation purposes, developers or for an isolated non-mission critical departmental implementation with only a few users, but Microsoft do not recommend its use for a production environment.

This article describes the complete sequence of steps on Project Server 2013 installation on a single server with SQL Server. The installation process described in this article is referring to single server farm (Single machine).

Note: The below steps are also applicable to "Two tier installation". On two server installation, you are installing SQL Server in one machine and installing SharePoint Server plus Project Server on another machine.

If you have large user base and anticipating heavy usage of MS Project Server and SharePoint 2013, please consider the three tier mode (Web Front-End Server, Application Server and Database Server.) Depends on usage, you can build a server farm with one or more front-end web servers, an one or more application servers, and a database server in network load balancing (NLB) environment.

Project Server 2013 Installation Process:

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