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Step 7: Configure Project Server Services

Once you successfully run the SharePoint Configuration Wizard, the system will create the brand new SharePoint Central Administration site.

To configure new Project Server site, you have to configure Project Server service application using the SharePoint Central Administration site.

Step 7(a): Register a managed account:

The account that you plan to use for service applications must be a registered account in SharePoint Server. The following steps required to be to register the account as Service account.


  • Click Start -> All Programs -> Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Products -> SharePoint 2013 Central Administration to launch the Central Administration page

  • In Central Administration, in the General Security section, click Configure managed accounts

  • On the Managed Accounts page, click Registered Managed Account

  • Type the user name and password of the domain account that you are registering.

  • Optionally, select the Enable automatic password change check box if you want to SharePoint Server to manage automatic password changes, if your organization policy enforce the password change for windows/domain accounts.

Configure Services:

You can configure the required services by launching the SharePoint 2013 Central Administration site.For performance considerations, it is a best practice to only enable the services necessary to meet your requirements. Configuring Services involved the following:

  • Start Services
  • Create a service applications

Step 7(b): Start Project Server Application Service:
  • On the SharePoint Central Administration home page, in the System Settings section, click Manage services on server
  • On the Services on Server page, select the server where you want to run the services from the Server drop-down list
  • On the Service list, click Start next to Application Service.

  • Similarly, start "Excel Calculation Services, PerformancePoint Service, Secure Store Service and Claims to Windows Token Service" services by click Start next to each of these services in above window.

Step 7(c): Create a Project Server service application:
  • On the SharePoint Central Administration home page, in the Application Management section, click Manage service applications
  • On the Manage Services Applications page, on the ribbon, click New, and then click Project Server Service Application

  • On the Create Project Web App service application page, type a name for service application, name of the application pool you want to create; Select the Configurable option, and choose the managed account that you want to use to run the application pool.

  • Click OK

  • Project Service application will be created and displayed as below:

Proceed to Step 8 for further configuration process.

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