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Step 3: Prepare SQL Server and Analysis Services for Project Server 2013 Installation

Before installing Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and Microsoft Project Server 2013, you must configure Microsoft SQL Server and Analysis Services.

The following steps required to complete prior to installing SharePoint 2013:
  • Configure SQL Server Network Settings
  • Create login for the Farm Administrator account in SQL Server
  • Grant admin permissions to Farm Administrator account in Analysis Services

a) Configure SQL Server 2012 Network Settings:
  • Launch SQL Server Configuration Manager

  • In the left pane, expand SQL Server Network Configuration, and select the instance of SQL Server where you will be installing SharePoint/Project Server 2013 databases
  • In the right pane, ensure the status for TCP/IP is enabled

b) Create a SQL Server Login for Project Server 2013 installation:

Note: MS Project Server 2013 installation require Domain Account. In this article, local administrator account has been used for screenshots. Please use pre-identified Domain account was created in Step 1 and create the setup new SQL login using the domain account.
  • Launch SQL Server Management Studio

  • Connect to the database engine of the instance of SQL Server that you will be using with Project Server 2013

    Expand the Security node -> Right click Login -> New Login

    Enter the Setup Account (Domain Account) as Login Name (Example: CORP\farmadmin)

    Click Server Roles and select the dbcreator, public, securityadmin, and sysadmin check boxes; Click Ok

2. Configure the Farm Administrators account to have administrative permissions in SQL Server Analysis Services:
  • Open SQL Server Management Studio. In the Connect to Server window, connect to the instance of SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services that you are using with Project Server 2013

  • In Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, in Object Explorer, right-click your SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services instance name, and then click Properties

  • On the Analysis Services Properties page, in the Select a page pane, click Security

  • Click Add

  • On the Select Users, Computers, or Groups page, type the name of the Farm Administrator account (Example: CORP\farmadmin)

  • Click OK. The Farm Administrator account appears in the Members list along with local administrator account

  • Click OK

Proceed to Step 4 for further installation process.

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