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This article describes the sequence of steps required to upgrade to Microsoft Project Server 2010 from Microsoft Project Server 2007 in a farm environment.

Note: Migrating Project Portfolio Server 2007 data to Project Server 2010 is not covered in this article. Please read the document Microsoft Office Project Portfolio Server 2007 Migration Guide
for detailed steps.

You can upgrade to Project Server 2010 by choosing one of the following methods:
  • In-Place Upgrade
  • Database Attach Upgrade

In-Place Upgrade: An in-place upgrade lets you install Project Server 2010 on the same machine where your Project Server 2007 is running. This method is only possible if your Project Server 2007 was installed on Windows Server 2008 64-bit operating system (Windows Server 2008 64 bit edition with SP2 or Windows Server 2008 R2)

Database Attach Upgrade: Office Project Server 2007 farm databases are backed up and restore on Microsoft SQL Server and the new Project Server 2010 farm databases points to these restored databases when the PWA instance is created. When you connect to the databases from the new Project Server 2010 instance, the databases are upgraded to Project Server 2010.

A Database Attached Upgrade is required in two scenarios:
  • Scenario 1: Your Project Server 2007 instance is running in a Windows Server 32-bit environment. In this scenario, it is not possible to use this machine for Project Server 2010, as Project Server 2010 instance is required 64-bit machine

  • Scenario 2: Your Project Server 2007 farm installed on a Virtual Migration Environment (VME)

There are two types of Database Attached Upgrades that you can perform, depending on the types of the data you want to upgrade to Project Server 2010.

Database Attach Full Upgrade: This option upgrades your four Project Server databases and also your Project Web Access site, work flows, and Project Workspace data contained in the Content database. Please use this approach, if you want to migrate as many of your customizations done in Project Server 2007 environment. (Please verify the compatibility of customizations on new platform prior to upgrade)

A database Attach full upgrade will require the following databases:
  • Archive Database
  • Draft Database
  • Published Database
  • Reporting Database
  • Content database

Database Attach Core Upgrade: This option only upgrades your Project Server 2007 data. Content database is not required for this upgrade. This option is suitable, if you want to evaluate Project Server 2010 with your project data.

A database Attach Core upgrade will require the following databases:
  • Archive Database
  • Draft Database
  • Published Database
  • Reporting Database

This article covers the Database Attach Full Upgrade option and describes the detailed steps takes place during this upgrade.

The following general steps required for performing a Database Attach Full Upgrade:

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